Monday, October 5, 2009

Yet another frame on the way

If all goes as planned, then Pat will be bringing this beauty back to Spokane this Sunday.

It's a cargo bike that Alex made. If you only click one link, then click this one here, it's the one that goes to Alex's blog and explains the greatness of this bike.

I'm very excited. I think it's been at least a year since Alex told me that I could have the frame set when he built his v2 of the bike. He's not yet built the v2, but I couldn't resist bugging him, so he's letting it go early. And he's building a new rack for it too (wider, instead of as long) so that loads will be closer to the head tube for improved handling.

I traded Alex a pile of bike stuff for this frame set, but not enough. I've said it before and I want to be clear: I am a lucky bastard.

Every single time I haul some awkward load on my bike I think of this bike. Every time I haul a huge pile of stuff in a cargo trailer I think of this bike. Every time I lament the selling of Maddie's tandem, I think of this bike. I think of this bike a lot and it's going to be great to use.

With the arrival of this frame set and the Kogswell, I once again have too many bikes. The 720 frame set will be archived. As will the RB-1, for the winter anyway.


Jim G said...


Lucky indeed. I need to move closer to Alex, clearly.

Pat S said...

until now, it was a secret mission. oh, the looks I will get on I-90

Ken Paulman said...

That bike kicks my ass. The fact that it's based on a crappy old Trek mountain bike makes it all the better.

Unknown said...

and if the 720 moves from archive to surplus...I'm game and have a welcoming home for retired 720s...and if the sh*t hauler moves to surplus...hey, it can have a home here with a welcoming fleet...