Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lots of Long Lunch Breaks Today

What an amazingly beautiful 55F-degree day. At about noon I decided to take a lunch break ride. My plan was to ride a package to the post office for mailing. When I went outside and began shedding my layers that I now put on in auto-pilot, I knew I'd have to hit the trails instead.

I usually hit the Highdrive trails about twice a week this time of year. I rarely see anyone and I never see cyclists. Today, I saw 5 cyclists on the trail, 4 walkers, and 4 dogs, one of which was actually on a leash!

I have figured out a neat little loop on the trails that allows me to stay on the trail and gives me nice downhill and good climbing without riding all the way down to the bottom of the trails. It's about 4 miles and about a 1/2 hour ride or so. I'll GPS it next time around and post it. It's a perfect lunch time spin.

Here's some pics of Liza's new fixed gear. Just finished. She built the whole thing up -- built the wheels, wrapped the fancy bar tape. She's legit now. Dang it -- if we only would've sourced some pink Deep V's instead of those boring old Mavics.

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