Saturday, November 15, 2008

Second Anniversary

Almost missed this one. Happy 2nd to me. Here's my first post two years ago.

The pic above was sent to me by David Nelson. The Fat Tire Trail Riders organized a "get the old cars out of Beacon Hill" day of service. They removed 13 cars today. Nice.

The pic below are some of my favorite women: Liza, Maddie, Beth, and my MIL, Maria. While the FTTR's were out doing good, Mike (Beth's husband) and I sat and ate cookies.


Jerome said...

Two great years. Just wanted to say congrats and thanks for doing this great blog. It is one of my favorite blogs. Many thanks. Cheers!

13-b122 said...

Great Blog! I've been an addict now for one of those years.


Pat S said...

You've fed a lot of bike souls over the past 2 years. Thanks, John.

BiketoWork Barb said...

Hey John, a little inspiration for a future post, or just an annoyance:


Hank said...

Excellent, thoughtful writing throughout. I've enjoyed it very much. I've learned a lot, too. Not only about bikes but about perspective.

Check this out from the first post: I went to my first cyclocross race (as a spectator) this week with my wife. Very cool. Man, that looks like fun. Too bad I'm such a slow turd. I think I have the technical chops to maneuver a relatively skinny-wheeled 700c bike through the course, but I'd last about 1/2 lap before collapsing. That could be a good goal...

You're there!