Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little girls and bikes and stuff

I knew I shanked the rim pretty badly last week. But it was dented more than I expected when I took the tire off it. There was also a smaller ding in it on the other side. I restrung the wheel to a new rim this morning. I used the Gaz method. So simple.

This is Maddie's friend Jayden. I happened to be at the Scoop as she finally nailed the solo bike ride. It's cool to see how proud kids are when they get it. She was beaming. Click the pic for bigger and you can just barely see a big smile on mom's face.

Maddie. Ready for the ride to school. She rode a lot this week for Team Pedals2People in the Bike To Work challenge. All up, she rode 5 miles to school, and 9 miles for non-school stuff: once to the store and  back and then down to the Bike to Work party. She rode as a passenger on the Xtracycle to and from BTW. Does that count? I say yes.

Maddie and I have been doing early morning hikes on the High Drive trails. Neither of us can sleep past 6 AM this time of year, so we decided to go do stuff in the morning. We go. Liza sleeps. Everyone wins.


Pat S said...

I spotted Liza and Maddie northbound on Browne, hanging a right on 25th on the Xtracycle one morning this week. I think I put the pieces of the puzzle together and figured out that they were on their way to man a BTW energizer station. It was cool to see them and you bet it counts!

Anonymous said...

I logged every mile my baby rode in the trailer behind my bike, so I say it's fair that your daughter gets to count hers from the tandem!
(Plus, the BTW people pretty much told me to do it that way)