Saturday, December 5, 2009

We now have our very own S&S'er

This just in. It's a happy day for cyclists in sunny Spokane. Mr Glen Copus has been certified as an S&S reseller and installer. This means you can bring him your favorite steel bike, he'll hack it in half, and install these nifty little couplers that will allow you to pack your bike in a suitcase. The idea is that the suitcase is small enough so that airlines can't charge you outrageous cash to fly your bike in a giant box.

More info on the S&S site.

I've been hemmin and hawin for a few years on coupling a bike. I had one for a while but never flew with it. The fact that we're going to Alaska for a week next year and Glen is certified justifies me hacking one of my old chestnuts and making it a traveler.

Speaking of Glen. Dig the gate he built for us in our new Pedals2People space.

If you are thinking of a custom bike, especially a fancy fixed or a CX bike, get in his queue. He's a great builder and a great guy to work with.

Finally: Next bike hang is likely at the new pizza place on Perry and 10th. If you know this place is open and will be open next Weds at 5:30, please leave a comment and we'll do it.


Klay said...

I want some cool bike junk gates!
I think that Glen should sell those at art fest.

joe said...

Yes the new pizza place is open, had dinner there last night. It was good too!

FBC Spokane said...

I wish I had the money to get this done to my track bike. I wanted to take it on our Christmas break.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are open and look forward to having the bike on display.

also on facebook