Tuesday, June 15, 2010


During the last few months, three local pizza places have received a lot of negative input on this blog and at 26Inch Slicks. Most of the complaints have referred to poor service and staff attitudes.

Last evening, Davids Pizza went a long way to being redeemed in my opinion.

A group of 17 TBC types descended on Davids between 8:15 and 8:30. That many people has to have an impact on a place with maybe 50 seats.

One of our group had pre-ordered six pizzas to be ready at 8:30, and they were set up right on time and the beverage service went quickly and smoothly (and I was ready for a beverage!).

I wish I had gotten the names of the folks taking care of us so I could mention them specifically - as it is, I just have to say "Thanks Davids".

Maybe it's time to give Benneditos and South Perry another try.

Oh yeah, my four assorted slices were great and my 24 oz PBR was chilled to perfection.


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John Speare said...

Two things:
1) I look forward to using the new "redemption" tag on a future post.
2) I have never given up on Benniditos. I love their beer too much, no matter how lousy their service is.