Saturday, February 12, 2011

Macro shots, HD trails, brifters

Oiled chain. Ready to ride!

I don't understand why the setting on cameras that take close up pictures is called "macro."
Shouldn't it be called "micro?"

High Drive trails are mostly ridable.
There are some wet sections, but as long as the lack of precip continues,
I think a guy can feel ok about riding the trails right now.

Freeloadin' feather.

This is how the HD trails look for the most part.
The middle trail is in great shape. The big exposed piece overlooking
195 is the perfect surface: fast, compact, no loose stuff.. It doesn't get any better than it is right now.

I love being able to shift a lot and shifting while standing-climbing.
I love not inadvertantly shifting the bar-end shifters when I'm standing-grinding.
I love the button to shift down -- instead of another mini-lever on the main lever.
I don't like how these brifters feel though. There's just too much there comepared to the
small, normal-ish, aero brake levers I have on my other bikes.
And I freak out when I'm descending quickly and the brake lever slide-pivots out of my gloved hand.
I need to spend more time riding these mitten-less before I do anything drastic though.

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