Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alex visits the river

Alex brought a kayak-in-a-bag.
It's sort of the S&S of the kayak world.
Jamie looks on disapprovingly.

I've got no time to lay out the whole story. But we took a couple rides. We mostly hung out. By the river or by the fire with my family.

Nice weekend. But I didn't take many bikey pics.
Alex swapping Hetres for Quasi's.
South Paw Jamie ripping it up.
Maddie's disembodied head.

Lovely Liza on the Kettle River Road

Glen showed up for about 12 hours.
He and Alex had an opportunity to do a deep nerd-bike dive.


Anonymous said...

John, I see you growing a long beard and engaging in reclusive activity. No, really you guys are living it up. I've been looking forward to the river postings as much as anything else. Keep it coming and enjoy your summer. Wade

Owner 2 said...

Looks like a Klepper to me.

alex wetmore said...

It is a Feathercraft K-Light. Nice boat, although I wish the rear cockpit was a bit lower.