Sunday, April 29, 2012

More flowers

 SOS ride with Cory today.

The HD trails are crazy with flowers. Crazy.

And there's now a giant set of platform-style stairs leading up the west slope from the suspension bridge at Bowl and Pitcher.

I didn't get a shot of the river, which obviously is raging right now. There were a couple small spots on the Mega-church trail that were submerged. And a few bits of trail underwater on the east side river trail.


Anonymous said...

Trail 25 is under water for a ways, on the west.

Could they put a plank so people could push their bikes up the stairs? I'm thinking particularly of tourers with panniers or trailers. That's access from the Centennial Trail to the campground.

It was eroding, so it's good they did something, but does the structure accomodate loaded bikes, or cyclists who can't lift their bikes? I haven't seen it.

The trails were pretty empty west of the river, though the CT was full of century riders.

Patrick Sullivan said...

Suweet pics.

John Speare said...

Anon -- I thought it was a bit odd that there wasn't even an attempt to leave a "wheeled" access option along the stairway route.

But alas, there was no attempt made in that regard.

Patrick: thanks

Justinn said...

Good one. I like it.

Scott said...

what the heck - I wonder when the steps were put in. Seems I was just there a few weeks ago and there was only the trail.
Nice sunflower pics. When they start to bloom, they remind me of growing up in the Columbia Basin, and rambling around the hills by foot and bike..