Sunday, September 16, 2012

Did stuff

I wish that I had a tag/label for "bill's ass" on this blog. His ass is definitely over -represented here. Some day when I'm bored, late at night and I want to feel productive by doing something mindless and really not productive, I'll go through and find all the pics of Bill's booty, and label those posts. Won't that be great.

I pump-tracked at Pat's this week. That was the first official session for me this year. Which is sad, because that track is holding up and it's still fun.

Bill's bum in these pictures was located on Chatcolet Road, which is a nice dirt alternative to the busy paved roads between Rockford and Worely.

Worely, being in Idaho, has cheap booze. For example: Red State bourbon for $13. For $13, it's not awful. A good option after you bring out the nice stuff and just want to sip into the night. Ice is recommended.

Bill's and my ride to lake CDA via Worely was about 50 miles. After a lot of not riding much over the last month or so, it didn't feel awful, but it wasn't effortless and rad.

Transition is still taking up most of my brain-power, so once a week blogging may be the new norm. We'll see. In any case, expect the review-to-post ratio to increase, as I figure out how to maintain my bourgeois lifestyle on my meager graduate-student TA wage. For those following closely, I decided not to do the vending thing with the software world. I'm a student and a teacher. Only -- I'm going all in here. And I'm jazzed about it.

Here's something that caught me by surprise: Inland NW CX series starts next weekend! And not only that, but it's the Expo event at 7-mile airstrip. Elephant Bikes will be representing: Glen's bringing a bunch of bikes and I'm going to do the omelets again. We need to find some beer too. Anyway. Yep: that's next Sunday the 23rd. More at


Michael said...

What are you studying?

John Speare said...

English. gonna teach it.

Anonymous said...

Why not write some ass-recognition software?

Just remember to have a complex opt-out option, requiring submission of a photo and extensive personal information, for privacy's sake.

That's a helluva lotta liquor for 13 bucks. Maybe America isn't completely doomed.

Good luck learning English, I've heard it's almost impossible for adults to pick it up.

Drew said...

This is our most desperate hour Obi-John. You're our only hope.

Bubble said...

Eh, I tried to opt out of ass-recognition software but it kept recognizing me.

On the internet, everyone knows you're an ass.