Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reviving the Resurrecto

This old chestnut recently came back to me. I hacked it into its current state of 650b-itude a few years ago. Then Dylan used it for a couple years. And now it's back.

I really like having a bike whose sole existence is optimized for my abuse. That's what this bike is for and it's great at that role.

I put the Pacenti Pari Motos on there just for kicks. I plan on using this bike for this weeks' commute, assuming it doesn't rain.

Luckily for me, buddy Justin showed up. I fed him coffee. Maddie fed him popcorn. And for that, I didn't have to deal with setting up the brakes. Yay.

1 comment:

Stine said...

bar ends all the way!