Thursday, March 7, 2013

FLT between Cheney and FL trail head, on Tuesday

I want that thermos.  It's a 15-hour'er.
I don't want to pay $33 for it.
I want to find it used at a thrift store for $5 or so. 


Jonathan Eberly said...

I found that exact thermos at Value Village for 3.99. Someone had painted it burgundy but it was still easily recognizable. Just keep your eyes open; things have a way of just popping up.

Michael said...

I have one of Stanley's 17oz food jars. I freaking love it. Pour in your oatmeal, pour boiling water over it, add some chopped up apple and raisins, give it a stir, seal it up and head out of the house. Crack the food jar open an hour later and eat the best ever oatmeal for breakfast.

If you look at the price of the food jar in terms of how much money its saved me from buying food while out and bout(mostly breakfast) or on a price per use basis, mine more than paid for its self in the fist year I had it.

John Speare said...

Jon: indeed they do. I got home yesterday and Thermos was on my front porch. Courtesy of gNate.

Michael: sounds rad. Great idea AND I like the side effect of the cost rationalization. Win-Win.

Scott said...

wow, that was Tuesday... quite a change from last sunday when it was all clear except a few spots.

John Speare said...

Scott: are you sure you're thinking of the same spot? this is between cheney-spangle road and fish lake. i'm pretty sure it's been under snow for a couple months.

the bit north of fish lake to marshall to spokane has been mostly clear for a while.