Saturday, April 6, 2013

S24O mode

The first S24O ought to happen soon. Perhaps next weekend? Hmm? Anyone?
Lasher rack. Info here.
I've been riding the Elephant rackless since school started. That's all well and good (and fine and mellow), but as the weather warms up, I'm pining to do some touring. Did I mention I have this summer off?
I'm pondering. A lot.
About this summer.


Christopher Grande said...

This bike is such a dream boat.

P.S. Your Campy hackery inspired this:

Betty said...

I love the color of that bike!

John Speare said...

Christopher -- On the ShimErgo: I'm a believer now. Three of my setups are 10 (campy) x 8 (shimano)... which in my mind is the ideal value/performance bang for the buck. The campy 10 speed with powershift is hard to find now -- so 11x9 is the current deal, which I wouldn't hesitate to deploy.

Betty: thank you! I love it. I was trying to match some electrical tape that buddy-Glen had in his shop. You can see the tape on the bars here.

It's a perfect match. The powder color is called Signal violet. My second choice was lilac pearl.

Jonathan Eberly said...

We will be spiritual s24o buddies next weekend. I've got an overnighter with that nonprofit bike nerd camping shindig I told you about. I think I'll bring a warmer bag than I did to Orcas.

adventure! said...

"Nonprofit bike nerd camping shindig?" Well, thanks, Jonathan, I guess that's gratitude or something. ;-)
(See you there.)

Scott Gamble said...

Man I am loving that bike. Doing the 11/9 Shimergo on my Schwinn Voyageur, I have become a convert myself.