Saturday, May 4, 2013

HD tippy-top trail

 I don't advocate riding the HD trails on weekends and certainly not on sunny weekends and certainly not the top trail.

Maddie and I rolled up to the grocery store to get some stuff this morning and decided to have a snack on one of the benches overlooking the bluff. From our bench we could see the top trail and as expected it was full of walkers, so we dared not attempt the easy loop.

But the tippy-top trail, which is just a little section of rarely used trail that skirts High Drive, was a perfect solution.

It's time we got out to Riverside State Park again. I'm super stacked up with school work right now so my weekends are mostly full... in my non-school life we'd so be at the river this weekend... but maybe we can swing a 1/2 day out at RSP next week.

In the moments that my brain isn't full of school-related stuff, it's utterly consumed with summer thoughts of fishing, riding, bike-camping, Kettle Crest trail riding, Boulder Creek pass-hunting, Peninsula exploring, sibling-hanging, friend chilling, and river floating.

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