Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Officially, school is out next week. But I've got most of my stuff done.

So the plan was to sort of ease into summer vacation.

But today I plunged.

It started at 6 AM at Pat's for manual'ing practice.

6:40 AM -- on the way home from Pat's. Empty coffee pot.

Standard shadow pic.
Required by the genre once a biennium.
At least.

It sort of dawned on me unexpectedly yesterday that I didn't have the normal metric shit ton of homework to do this week. Normally, Tuesdays are homework from dawn to dusk.

So I emailed Glen with a generous time frame hoping he would figure out a way to spare a couple of hours in the middle of his busy work day. His reply to my email: "Be here at 10 with supplies for alpine adventure."

Verily. We went to Mt Spokane.

Typical ride: about 2 hours of climbing and 25 minutes of descending.
But that descending was so good. Trail 140 to be precise.

I discovered that my phone has two camera lenses.  One is for self-portraits.
Lucky you.

Faster furiouser funner descending is really a function of brakes.
I've not carried on nearly enough about how much these brakes rule. They're SLX hydro.

I think this is the top of Day Mountain. But it might be Kit Carson.

Mountain meadow.
Reminds me of Kettle Crest.
Which I'll be hitting soon.

Top of the fun part. 

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