Saturday, February 8, 2014

The week in review

I ride down to the bus stop every morning. I leave at either 6:10 or at 6:20 depending on the bus I want to catch. It's all downhill. I think the warmest morning last week was about 10 F. The coldest was -3 F. So, I'm basically just sitting in 10 degree weather generating windchill as I coast down the hill. This set up here works pretty good and is work friendly too. It's a Lebowski sweater with a shell over the top. I'm smiling behind that gator.

Maddie made all of her valentines for her class. These are the kinds of things that this whole quit-the-fancy-job-austerity-move has made better.

Every day I get to campus by 7 AM at the latest. I sit at the same table and drink coffee and read email. I came in one morning and the shell of my TSBC pin was sitting on the table waiting for me. Sure enough, the pin (without the cover) was still attached to my backpack. You can see it in the first photo... the morning before. Good karma there. All is right again.

With the super cold comes super hard icy streets, which brings out the kicksled fun. 

Glen, Pat, and I took a spin around Rimrock this morning. Beautiful day. Glen is taking a work call here. Pat is arranging a mini photo shoot.

Houston Road.

Local color at Jenny's Diner.
Good spot, that.

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