Monday, March 17, 2014

Trail riding with Maddie

Good eye! Why yes, Maddie has a new stem/bar.  Glen took care of her... here's the before pic.
That is a good looking fit. Geoff? What say you? No more threats of CPS intervention?
Maddie and I have ridden the HD trails the last couple days. Yesterday, she did the middle trail for the first time. It was a bit sketchy here and there, but she enjoyed and she hammered it up the hill on the way home. All  in good spirits too.

Today, after school, we did the tippy-top trail, then looped back on the top trail from the top and popped out at 25th.

This is a picture of me going over my bars as I attempted to take a picture of Maddie. I was on the Kogswell, which already has a fairly low bottom bracket (well, compared to a mountain bike), but was further lowered by putting 559's on it instead of the 584's it was designed for. Then of course I have monster plastic platform pedals on it. The point here is obvious: this is a pedal-striking machine. And not paying attention helps too.

Maddie says she wants to do a "30-day challenge" in April and ride trails every day of the month.
Suits me.

The HD trails are great at teaching you the "you ride where you look" lesson. 

I think we'll be going out to Riverside State Park soon. And I think I may put some tires on her bike with a bit more knobbieness... if she wants to do more trails, it would be good for her to have a bit more bite.

The bars and stem. Thanks Glen.


Hank Greer said...

I'm always afraid I'm going to bif it when I'm looking through the viewfinder while I'm riding.

That's cool Maddie wants to do 30DOB. And it would be cooler if she posted her thoughts on her rides on your blog or at

John Speare said...

Yeah... she has a blog that she's been posting to. Not sure if I can convince her to put some 30DOB thoughts on there or not.