Saturday, September 20, 2014

A blog post

It's been a long time since I posted regularly. Lots of reasons. None of them particularly interesting.

I still take pictures all the time with the phone, so here is a dump of mostly-bikey pictures from the last month or so. 
Glen at Elephant Bikes has been a busy dude this summer. What you're looking at here is a chainstay prototype for a contract build he's doing for a shop on the East Coast. I like those bends. The dropouts are the new-ish Tange slider. Good value those.

And this is a unicrown disc fork for the same project. Not to be confused with the stock NFE project, which will have a lugged crown.

This was the tube for the river cruiser. It was the last tube up there and it split of old age. I found an old Velox sewup kit and I stitched it up, then patched it. Didn't work.

I've been loving the shit out of this Pugsley. It's the best river fishing bike ever. 

I'll be taking my first proper fat bike sand trip in October.


Liza. Flying a kite. She's really that chilled out a lot.

This summer Maddie spent two mornings a week with her Nonna -- I'd often drop her off in the morning with the car, then go ride up and bring a bike to pick her up. This is not an ideal way to carry a bike. I nearly crashed a couple of times when some part of Maddie's bike jammed up my steering.

Best rainbow of the season. 

We went on an apple picking run last week. See that tiny little basket on the back of his bike. That was his loot hauler.

Justin had two panniers for loot. And he was rocking the trails with the low riders and drop bars.

My haul.

And with Maddie's plums...

We made a big arse batch of apple/plum sauce and some apple/plum butter. That stainless bit of ordinance there is my Sicilian MIL's electric food mill. I think it has more horsepower than our Subaru and it makes seeding, skinning, and coring of boiled fruit a breeze.

Liza and I sat and watched folks at the fountain yesterday at Riverfront. That's a great way to blow an hour.

Swing bike. I wasn't quick enough on the draw to get a photo of her riding it. She's the original owner and she's had it since 1971.  She can ride that thing.

Maddie. She's pretty much done with this bike. We're going drops for next summer's bike. And we're gonna do some time touring... weeks hopefully.

She rocked the Highdrive trails in her flip flops. A responsible parent would see to more sensible shoes. But in the memory of my father, who used to horse-log in flip flops (really think about that), I have to appreciate the flip flop approach.


Doug Mayer said...

i dig your fishing bike setup :-)

bikewrider said...

Nice rainbow!

Pat S said...

" I brought back exactly six, which is the amount that seems about right for immediate consumption."

Anonymous said...

Where did you catch the bow? Kettle? Well done!

rory said...

"a blog comment"