Sunday, October 9, 2016

Some Kettle Crest Trail

Phone is busted. So no easy instagram dumps. It just so happens that I had just gone back to a normal camera before the phone died... having tired of attempting on bike photos and fishy watery photos with a wet iphone.

this means: I got pics.

And I got a blog. 'member?

So here's a dump and I get to editorialize and carry on too! Bummer is that I had my camera set to take tiny photos.

Some Seattle bros came over on Thursday and joined Glen and me up at the Kettle River.

 You can see two dots in this pic. One is Rory. One is Larry.
We climbed Jungle Hill then descended Wapaloosie Trail on Friday. The climb nearly killed me. The descent was super excellent. One of my favorites. First time was with Alex, who should've been there this time.

Fred. After the climb. Drinking some clamato-jalapeno budweiser abomination, which he explained cheerfully, "has electrolytes."

Rory, Andrew, Lee. Looking solid after climbing Jungle Hill. Lee was on a single speed. Jungle hill is about a 2400 foot climb in under 4 miles. Sucked huge ass with gears. Single speed?

Heading down Wapaloosie Trail. That's Glen and Larry. Here's a photo of Alex at exactly the same spot 68 weeks ago.

Fred wheely'ing. Now this is Saturday. We went up Old Stage Trail, then cut across Kettle Crest Trail to Stickpin, where we descended onto the old S. Boulder Road back to the place on Kettle River. Great route: one I want to do with Maddie. 

Larry yuckity'ing.

Lee traversing.

Andrew. The guy in front? Coffee Joe -- who showed up on Saturday and joined us.

This is the edge of the burn on KCT: about 1/2 mile south of the Stickpin junction. This little section was my favorite of the weekend -- a 1/2 mile or so of twisty interesting single track with some rocks and roots and surprises to keep things fun.

Joe descending through the mist.

Fred working it out.

Lee: pondering his busted brake lever. 

Roll out to the cabin was about 20 some miles of descent on mostly forest road. 


Larry Leveen said...

Many funs were had. Thanks for your hospitality and for showing us how beautiful the Kettle Crest Trail is!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this entry and the photos.

I starting using Instagram this summer and always carried a camera and a video recorder. Now that I'm "hip" and use Instagram, I carry all three. Phone for Instagram, video and still camera for the blog.

Stine said...

I'd say you phone should die more often, but not sure that's possible...