Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poor Man's Pugsley

Full frontal shot here.

I should never say never, but I don't think I'll ever buy or put together a Pugsley unless it lands in my lap or is otherwise given to me. But I have been interested in the super fat-tired bike version of the Hummer since I heard about the development a couple years ago.

Local bike shop owners: will one of you please build up a couple Pugsleys and rent them by the day? Pretty pretty please?

Until then, the Fuji Turd bike has evolved yet again. It's becoming such a great bike. I just scored these insanely mongo tires on Craigslist. At 35 psi, these guys will just about roll over anything. No skill required to ride this bike. Before I put the "summer" tires on here (note lack of fenders too -- just no room), I updated my site on the evolution of this bike. I've really been feeling the love for this one of late.

Liza also made a page on her new Super Course.

There's talk of a Saturday night (4/28) Centennial Trail ride. If you're interested please contact me.


David Blaine said...

email me with the details. I will go if you are leaving late enough? 9pm?

scott clark said...

Good grief, how big are those tires?

Looks like another nice setup, John. You sure have a lot of fun with that thing for such a bad bike. :-)