Thursday, July 2, 2009

New LBSs

A couple new bike shops in the hopper.

#1. New LBS going into the South Perry area. Next to Lorian Health Food. That's a tiny space. But a great location. No info on who owns it or what brands (if any) they'll carry. I plan on snooping around on my way home today.

#2. Sprague and Pines. This one isn't new to most people. But I can't really have a list with only one item. I've heard that the owner defected from WS East and is going solo. And he scored a Trek account.


Anonymous said...

I think there might be another LBS going into Browne's Addition behind The ELK.

John Speare said...

Anon: You must be new to the area.

I didn't want to rub salt in that wound...