Monday, July 19, 2010

Maddie found a bat

It was dying when she found it. She went to the pool, and when she got home it was dead.

Bike content: my favorite picture on the homepage is the bat pic.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, big!

About a million people will now tell you not to handle a bat, at least not with bare hands. So I won't say anything. ;) You may wish to get this one tested or freeze it. Rabies is unlikely. Then again, the thing was dying.

If Maddie expresses a sudden desire to move to Forks, you can forget about garlic for supper.

If you found this one near your house, consider building a bat house. Maybe on the tree house.

Pax said...

Yep, as a Certified Wildlife Biologist (I use W. T. Pooh Capitalization for Emphasis), please use gloves in the future. Rabies from a bite is the the thing to avoid, but Hep B is another concern. But its awesome that you've raised a small person with more curiosity than fear. Double-special Kudos.

And Anon 6:31 is right, a bat box might be in order (great kid project too)

John Speare said...

Hopefully our hand-washing protocol will keep the cooties at bay. The bat now lives in a little clear plastic box in our freezer.

We've considered a bat box before -- it's been a few years since I read up on it, but I think we need to get it about 10 feet off the hightest point on our roof for easy fly-in access. It would be cool to have more bats.

We see a lot of bats this time of year.

Jim Skon said...

Hi John, Liza, and Maddie!

Some cool pictures here! I wanted to wish John "Happy Birthda"y, and thank you again for a wonderful stay, but I somehow didn't get you email saved right on my Android. I also wanted to tell you about my anticipated "Chuck Harris" blog, which has been approved by Chuck and his wife!

Anyway - would you send me your email address to ""?