Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making the mini mine

Swapped saddle, bars, stem, wheels and tires. Put a pump on there. And a bag. And a nerdy rack.

I've ridden this bike a couple times to work and I've tooled around errand'ing on it. It's fun. I really feel the bumps and holes and such. And it doesn't "roll out" at all. But it makes up for that stuff in its nimbleness, toughness, and wheelie'ness.

No less than 8 zip ties.
Nimble: I can turn on a tiny dime with this thing. I'm pretty sure I could just about trace a manhole cover with the front wheel.

Tough: When I was a kid, all I rode was BMX, so I had no idea there was a concept of breaking bikes or wheels. Which has been an expensive and ongoing lesson as I've "grown" into 26" and 700c wheels. I can hop off every driveway dip I pass with this bike and fear no breakage of anything.

Wheelie-potential: If I can't wheelie/manual this bike by the end of the summer. It'll never happen. Ever.

I built these wheel way back when the mini was in the Elephant queue. When people talk about "bombproof" wheels, these would be a great example: 36 spokes, Deore hubs, on 406 mm Sun Ryno rims. Paired with big 2" Intense BMX tires. Word.


Elissa said...

It is pretty cute.

gc said...

This is backlash for me making you take all of the dork off of your road bike, isn't it.

John Speare said...

Thanks Elissa.

Yes Glen, order has been restored to the delicate balance of dorkitude across my bike collection. And not a second too soon. Are those 20" fenders still in your shop?

Anonymous said...

You need more weight on the back if you want wheelie action.

Like four of those cute organ grinder monkeys. In a milkcrate.