Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Ryan Cleek photo. Sniped from BikeRumor site, who sniped it from PinkBike site.
Buddy Chris just forwarded me this from the BikeRumor site, which was picked up from the pinkbike site. Hm. What does this make this regurgitation?

If you want to skip my value-added editorializing, you can go straight to the source at

Otherwise, here's my long-winded take on it.

It's a pump track concept bike with wonky cranks. Specifically, the cranks are offset, "... they’re installed such that the rear one is angled down slightly, giving them about a 170° angle."

The designer explains the concept a bit in the comments: the offset crank "reduces inequalities of force between your left and right legs, reducing fatigue and making it more stable. This is particularly beneficial under the high G’s."

Ok. Whatever. I want to try it. And I'd like to see a Ben or a Bob rip into Pat's track on this bike.

Pat's pumptrack as seen from the moon on a clear day.
But mostly, I think it's a good thing that someone at a big bike place is thinking about pump-track specific designs.

When we time-trialed the bikes, Pat's Specialized P1 always got the fasted time, so something is working there already. Lightening up the bike and fussing with stance seem like good things to try. Also, I'm wondering if the front-end doesn't steepen up a bit with a shorter carbon fork (compared to the monster that is on the P1).

Weird part is that in the bikerumor article, it's a "concept bike," but in the pinkbike post, it's a 2012 offering, complete with specs.


bmike said...

why even have the saddle on there at all... unless its for 'padding'.

jealous of the pump track. got wife buy in last fall, but have no $$ to start gutting the yard, much less adding another bike to the stable.

John Speare said...

whoa... even better. SRAM has a hydro drop-bar brake lever in the pipeline.

Not related to pumping, and we all knew it would come since disc is now legal in CX racing, but it rules! and it's related to "new stuff coming out..."