Thursday, November 29, 2012

and there were vintage jerseys

But first, a lame picture from the BF ride. Better reports are available from Hank and Pat.

Post ride breakfast and beers at DB's new place, Central Food.
It's a sweet sweet place in every regard.

Gratuitous Maddie pic.

Yesterday was the first day in about a month that I commuted on the old 747.
 I've been all Elephant every day.

Justin says, "ooooo, " while Chris digs through the endless bag of rad jerseys.
These will eventually live on a wall I think.

Those are invisible brake levers that Justin is grabbing. Just to be clear.


Anonymous said...

That Subuaru Montgomery jersey is from the year that Lance Armstrong was on the team.

Jonathan Eberly said...

Man I bet Justin was drooling hard. Lame I see no pictures of food, drinks, or barney.

Shop hangs are the best part about winter.