Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving rollers

Glen took me out to the roller coaster this morning. That's the area out there around Marshall, just west of the FLT.

We spend a lot of time exploring trails with the goal of figuring out a good loop. Fifteen or so years ago, this area was loopable, and according to Glen, was a popular destination for cross-country riding.

As suburbia sprawled, as it is wont to do, the loop got chopped up. No Trespassing signs have gone up, piles of lumber and cement pilings have been stacked at trail heads, and generally, it's just kind of a pain to loop.

That said, we had a nice time on a pretty cold morning just tooling around, chatting, and exploring.

I like these kinds of rides, where it's more about exploring than it is about ripping it up. The explore-ride is great on my mountain bike: super low gears and great brakes allow steep options and the squishy forks make for fun trail-breaking over lumpy, rocky ground.

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Steve said...

When I lived on base in the late 90's I used to hit that area often with some riding buddies from the Geiger base housing. Had what I would call a lollipop loop that was an 18 mile route and the roller s we're just a hoot. It's a shame it it's not what it used to be. Last time I rode there was in November 2010.