Friday, January 31, 2014

Trusty turd

The old MB-2 spends most of its old life hanging in the garage, neglected. Even though I've it pretty dialed in for a summer BMX style ride, the fact is, I just don't ride it much anymore.

But in the fall, I nerd it up and put the fenders/flaps, lights, rack, and studded tires on it. Generally, Spokane doesn't have a lot of days that require studded tires. In my experience, studded tires are excellent on ice and hard-packed snow that acts like ice. There are conditions where bits of ice lurk under fresh snow. And there's also the scenario where it's icy on the edges of the road but not on the car-part where the salt goo is applied.

All of these riding conditions are great for the old MB-2. I'm grateful for it this time of year.

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Stine said...

trusty turd = regular bike