Friday, April 18, 2014

Monster tail winds

The last two days the commute has been great. I've felt STRONG and FAST.

Turns out there's just a huge friggin' tailwind.


Righteous Lyons. After a thorough rain washing on the front of the bus. Rode it home. Then washed it again on the bus. Then rode it home today: that is one loud-ass, squeaky, chain situation.

Kent P shadow photo.

Jon. He called me up outta the blue and wanted to have lunch today. He jumped on the bus and came out to Cheney. We rode home with a MONSTER tail wind on the FLT.

That captures the purple pretty well. Jon wanted a darker more "midnight" purple, but I dig this one. And really... isn't that all that *really* matters?

More Lyons. Fred calls that tape design, "Unicorn Puke," which I think of everytime I ride this bike. And that makes me happy.

Yep. That car is rad. but see the tiny point of the top of Jon's helmet? That's the point of this pic.

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Jonathan Eberly said...

Ha.. I love that tape. Does justin have the other one?