Monday, April 21, 2014

River opening '14 and a few bikey things

Rolling the trike on the river road. That trike belonged to my Grandfather. He used to ride it on the MUP in Long Beach. When he died, that trike is pretty much all my dad wanted to get. And he drove down there and got it.

Gotta roast the inaugural marshmallows of the year.

She incinerates them just like I used to. Mine is on the right. It took about 30 years to figure out  the patience part of that deal. And once I did, I sort of lost my taste for marshmallows. 

Sunset. Air guitar. Truck. Fat bike. Make a mental note of that basket.

Me. My dad in the background... under that slab.

First time driving. She only killed it once. But she only stayed in first gear.

More river road.

The Spider bike is going away... giving it to a friend. It was a good fit for the river, but pretty limited in its 2-speed range. So I'm going to bring up an old mountain bike. Actually, this summer, I'll be rocking the SH-80 up there. 

But the basket wasn't included. It now lives on the Kogswell. I dig it.

I dropped the Roast House mug off at Pat's. And he had three cases of Buffalo Chicken MRE's (aka "chicken shits" -- Andre's nomenclature) -- the best dehydrated food ever that has been -- on his porch. He's cooking up, figuring, and planning something for sure.


Patrick Sullivan said...

Yes! Great post. Great photos. Can't wait to spend time on the river.

Pat S said...

Really cool, about your grandad's trike and your dad driving down to get it. It's a keeper, then, and looks at home on the river.

As far as the buttload of chicken shits, my intentions are not all that profound. I just ran across a value deal and thought it was the right time in my life to acquire some post-apocalyptic trading stock.

If such events heretofore come to pass, I could very well become the king. Clearly.

Pat S said...

And no, the squirrel is not humping the mushroom. Despite how it looks.

Andre said...

mmmmm chicken shits.

With the coleslaw, those sure made a satisfying meal.

Do tell, where was the deal?

John Speare said...

Pat Rick: yes. Send me an email and remind me when you are in town. We shall river... verily.

Pat: I hadn't notices the squirrel in congress with the mushroom. But now that you mention it... that's pretty messed up. Kids come up there on that porch at halloween you know...

Andre: it's true. I just got a confirmation from the Mountain Meal people. Chicken Shits are dead. They are no more. Pat said he got these from some guy on ebay. $20/6 packets. Better act fast!

Michael said...

LOL... Hadn't even noticed the squirrel. Of course, I had to go back and look.