Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Trail Riding

Since building up the Rawland, I've been spending more time riding trails than I normally do. Mr. Tobin recommended that I check out the trails between Indian Canyon and Rimrock. So Friday, I did.

It was nice to take a solo ride. I didn't go far, maybe 30 miles or so, but it was good clear my head after sort of a frustrating week.

The area I started my ride in is called Palisades Park. I thought Palisades Park was just the area behind Rimrock, but it's not. There's a whole section of park and trails south of where Greenwood climbs up to Rimrock.
One warning Ben gave me before I explored this park was to watch out for the sections of trail under the tree canopies. He mentioned something about thorny trees. That was the understatement of the year. Pushing my bike up a steep rocky climb I ended up with a bunch of chunks of branches stuck in my front tire. Turns out each one was attached with a thorn. All up: 6 punctures in the front wheel. Zero in the rear wheel.

I patched a couple holes on the trail. As I waited for the second patch to dry, I inspected the inside of the tire and found 4 more thorns stuck in the tire. So, instead of attempting to patch all 6 punctures on the trail, I spent my time making sure all the thorns were out of the tire and swapped in a new tube. That way, if I got another flat, I'd at least have some patches left.

After patching, I decided to go out to Riverside State Park, but I wanted to take dirt/trails that I'd never ridden before. My first detour was behind this abandoned rail bridge off Houston Road. I've noticed this little path many times, but I've never taken it. It's an old, steep, concrete driveway or perhaps a road. There also appears to have been a sidewalk at some point along the path. Unfortunately the path just loops around and pops out up higher on Houston, but it's a neat little bit of history.

I think my favorite kind of riding is when I find overgrown and abandoned roads.

I jumped on the Centennial Trail and went past the Military Cemetery -- down the steep hill. I climbed the big apple tree at the bottom, stuffed my pack with apples, then rode back up the other side of the hill. From here, I was temped to take the trail that follows the river, but it's verboten. The "no bikes" sign has been removed by vandals. I used to take that trial all the time when I was in high school. It's a great trail and I'd like to take it again.

Instead, I took the road just north of the trail. This was the new-to-me route. I noodled around the trails and old roads and ended up popping out across the river from the Riverside State Park campground.

From RSP, I came back on Aubrey White Parkway for a couple miles. At the sewer treatment plant, I tried one of the trails that goes up the hill to Northwest Blvd. That was another new-to-me path. Most of the climb is gradual and pretty easy. Right at the end the dirt gets deep and the path gets steep.

I rode back into town across the north side and popped out at Natural Start Bakery for lunch. From there, I tooled around the East Sprague area. While attempting to pick my way down a steep path by Browns Building Supply, I crashed -- went sort of over my bars and kind of ran/stumbled/tripped/somersaulted to a stop.

With a half hour to wait for Liza to get off work, I stopped at Madelines and had a cup of tea. Where I ran into Richard and Klay. If I stop at Madelines on a Friday. I almost always run into Richard and Klay. It's just one of those things.

This picture only shows Richard. Klay is there too, but she's wearing her invisible cloak. I'm a ghost in the reflection.


FBC rides Monday.

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