Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rack for Jon's Kogswell

I can't stand it. My plan was to do a blog post on this rack once I got it on Jon's bike. The idea was to show the whole enchilada, with Jon's fancy Orlieb office bag and a smiling council man. But damn this is a cool rack. It must be shared with the world.

This is Pat's work. Man it's tight. I hate being such a softy sensational puke about this stuff, but it's impossible for me not to mention the love in this work. I see it in Glen's work too. And the stuff Alex does. It's a love for riding and bikes and fun and people that just comes through the way they work and what they produce and how they interact with people as they do their thing. Cool shit.

Anyway, note the initials. That's Jon Snyder if you're not sure. Could be John Speare though too. Which might be handy someday? The diagonal bit on the front of the rack is optimized for Jon's Ortlieb office bag, which has diagonal-only supports, since it's meant to live on a rear rack -- the diagonal mounting reduces the chance of heel strike.

I'll still post an all-up pic and report of the bike. But I just couldn't stare at this rack any longer and not share it.


Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

The "J S" is truly the work of an artisan-craftsman. Nice touch!

Joseph "Danny" Koniowsky said...

this is beautiful, and just what im looking for. how can i get one made?