Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some bike stuff

Cousin Livy rocking the Zebra bike.

BMX pegs. I wish the old cruiser we had up there could take these pegs, but it's a coaster brake hub and doesn't have the long axle.

Maddie rickshawing her buddy, Carmella.

Alex came up and we rode the Jungle Hill trail one day, then Hoodoo Canyon the next. Both were exceptionally great rides.

The Pugs fishing set up. I'm setting to ghost ride Maddie's bike back to the cabin here.

Wapaloosie Trail. We took this down off the Kettle Crest after riding up Jungle Hill.

More Wapaloosie. The views are insane up there. That's at about 5,000 feet.

I rode my magnificent Elephant -- which I need to ride more. Mountain biking is about the only kind of cycling that's getting me excited these days. Bit of a funk lately...

I took the Pugs up South Boulder Creek road and did some fly fishing -- I'm taking the Elephant NFE this weekend for much better range.

Alex reported that he likes the fat bike for river and forest riding, which is how my Pugs is employed, but he's not going to run off and buy one for the riding he does.

This was the Hoodoo Canyon ride. After the previous day of Jungle Hill and tons of climbing, we anticipated a relatively easier ride for Hoodoo Canyon. It wasn't as much climbing, but there was a lot. 

That's the Hoodoo trail overlooking Trout lake.

Maddie and I went on a short bike camping trip to Shaw Island, which is an excellent intro to bike camping trip.

The Shaw campground is just over 2 miles of easy riding from the ferry.

There's a bunch of dirt roads on the island to explore. We took a post-dinner ride and found the local school, museum, and library tucked into a little treed part of the island.

Hill climber.

Our plan was to go to Lopez and camp for two days after we stayed at Shaw. Maddie's cold, which had been percolating for a couple days prior to our departure went into full fever mode the first night. She woke up in the tent all hot and spacey. The next morning, she said she was feeling better and that we should continue to Lopez.

When we got to Lopez, we rode to Lopez Village (about 3 miles) and by then she had hit the wall with a monster headache. We rolled out a pad and she slept for a couple hours. We decided to head back to the ferry and ditch camping. That was a good choice. After death marching back to the ferry, she slept for another couple hours. This is very abnormal Maddie behavior.

But she still managed a smile as we boarded the ferry back to Anacortes.  Aside from her fever, the bike camping was a success and she wants to go back and do more.

Batch 2 Medium NFEs are going to ship tomorrow.

Out of order: Maddie and my campsite on Shaw.

The bikes. NFE and the X-R. We started with Maddie frontloading, but it was too sketchy at low speed, so she ended up putting her little panniers on the rear rack. Much better.

The old Swift Pelican bag came through -- with it's lined interior, it makes an excellent cooler. We made a run to the little store, filled it with ice and other good stuff and it held for a day.

Maddie sleeping off the fever in a field in Lopez Village.