Monday, August 20, 2007

Cycle the Bridges

Yesterday was the Cycle the Bridges event. Even with the rain, there was a great turn out. Last year it poured buckets and there no more than 20 people. This year, there must of been more than 50 or so.
Liza had to work, but Maddie and I enjoyed the ride this year.

I forgot my camera and I didn't even take a phone pic. Lame me.

I'll bullet-point the experience:
  • Maddie and I had a pre-ride breakfast at Frank's.

  • Lots of familiar faces. And I met a couple new folks. Maddie had a couple friends there too.

  • I found it curious that my buddy Bill's "rain" bike did not have fenders. His commuter does. Roadies: I'll never understand them.

  • Speaking of fenders: I didn't see many. I saw a lot of really muddy/striped riders. And riding behind the non-fendered folk in the rain doesn't rule. But I knew that. It's mostly dry here, and year-round fenders are not required. I took the fenders off of two bikes this summer. But they went back on the RB-T this morning. And they'll go on the fixed in the next couple days.

  • Mary Verner has a sweet old (pre-war?) bike. But she could use a more robust/"gearful" commuter.

  • The route was really good; only one 1/2 mile or so section where the innies shared the route with the outties. Cops/volunteer cops at key intersections made the route easy too.

  • Saw another Bike Friday tandem with father/son team. Cool.

  • Maddie is getting strong. She wanted to go fast the entire time. And after hammering the course, she helped grind up the south hill. We're slowly developing a riding language to communicate shifts, standing, hills, etc. It's so cool.

Tomorrow is 3rd Tuesday of the month. BAB meeting. All are welcome.

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