Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Well-Coordinated Attack

Last time I was attacked, I got hit by a bottle from a passing car. That sucked.

Today, while riding through the refuse and sludge that was strewn all over Riverfront Park (an outcome that is not surprising from an event called "Pig Out in the Park" --ech), I was again the target. I've had bugs fly into my eye before, but I've never had bugs fly into each eye at the EXACT same time. Well that happened this morning. So that was a first. I stayed up, but kind of skidded to a stop and was finally stopped by running into a park bench.

One bug came out nicely in a tear. The other was stubborn and stayed lodged in my eyeball, in the back (brain side -- it felt like) all the way home. After rubbing and squirting water in my eye the whole way home, my eyeball was bloodshot and had tiny bits of dead bug floating at the edges. Nice.

Yes. I know I should wear glasses. And I do wear them when I can remember them. There is a weird little mental block going on here. I suspect that I have some kind of localized damage in the "remember eye protection/glasses" glob of my brain that is responsible for this.

In unrelated news, I invented a new method for making fresh tomato sauce that I'm quite proud of.

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