Monday, February 4, 2008

Captain Bike is Dead

If you spend 2 minutes searching the Internet for any bike-related technical information, you will run into Sheldon's site.

Sheldon Brown died last night of a massive heart attack.

I've never met Sheldon, but I, like thousands of other bike nerds, have corresponded briefly with him or have tapped his vast knowledge, shared for all at hundreds of times.

He always shared his knowledge and opinions freely and without apology or hesitation.

We have lost a huge cultural cycling icon.

Rest in peace Sheldon.


joe said...

Sorry to here that, we must raise a pint as soon as we can.

EvilElf said...

Very sad. One of my favorite bookmarked sites. I sure learned a lot and saved some money thanks to his sharing.

Thanks for letting us know, John!

Ken Paulman said...

Check out BikeSnob's obit.

John Speare said...

Ken: yeah. i read his earlier today. Very eleqouent. There is an amazing number of obits and memories being shared across the bike lists and blogs. Speaks to the guy's reach and influence.