Saturday, May 17, 2008

BTW Wrap Up

The wrap up event for BTW was a crazy success. If there's any question about how this whole event came to be or why it was so well put together -- it's due to Barb Chamberlain. As any event with this much activity and participation, there is a huge reliance on volunteers, but there also must be the puppet-master-super-passionate-task-master-project-manager-list-keeper person. That's Barb. Great job to you Ma'am.

The expectation for participation going into this thing was that around 300 people would register. Over 900 people registered. I have no idea how many people showed up at the wrap up event, but my guess is 300-400.

Now the challenge is keeping the new commuters biking.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome week! Barb was AMAZING at pulling the whole event together and making sure it ran smoothly. I would say one of the keys to the success of BTWW 2008 was that she started holding planning meetings about 9 or 10 months ago and the pieces just came together to week by week. It was an incredible experience to be a part of that process and a thrill to see all of the volunteers who turned out and gave their time and talents.

Simply put, Barb is a great leader with super organization skills. Thanks Barb! You have helped put Spokane on the bike commuting map!

Michael said...

That's a crazy amount of bikes! Congrats you guys.