Wednesday, March 25, 2009

High Drive trails appear to be open

The High Drive trails are surprisingly dry. I dropped down at the top of Bernard, then rode the middle trail that cuts the bluff overlooking Highway 195. A couple wet puddles, but no stretches of mud. The trail has a lot of sand in it so it drains well. I'll have to check out the southern low-lands section tomorrow or on Friday and see if that's dry too.

The Resurrecto RB-1 is fun to ride on this stuff. The big fat tires make it easy to be sort of sloppy when it comes to line-picking, so that's nice. These specific tires (Panaracer Col de Vie) are the standard, high-value 650b tires. They're like $20 and really good quality. I'm always surprised by how well the lame looking tread holds onto dirt. I wouldn't want to do high speed dirt cornering on these tires, but for climbing on dirt and general trail riding they're surprisingly competent tires. It's an inverted tread, so they roll wonderfully on pavement too. And at 50 psi, they're super comfy. 

I really need to work on the shifting/drive train on this bike though. The old Suntour cassette is used. The chain is used; the front chainring has a slight wobble in it, and I really don't like how stiff the Shimano bar-end shifters are. It's noisy and the shifting sucks, even by my super low standards.

I think I'll end up getting a new cassette and chain. I have Suntour barcons. I'm not sure what to do with the wobble in the chain ring. It's not an old chainring. I wonder if I can finesse the wobble out with a large mallet.


tinytowers said...

Good to see some dry single track. Have you been out to Riverside lately?

John Speare said...

Brett: Not on the single track. I was on the cent trail about a week and a half ago out b/t Riverside and 7 mile and there was still some snow on the trail. I'm guessing it's pretty muddy out there.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome stuff just off of High Drive. Used to ride motos and bikes around there when I likved on the South Hill.