Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay tuned

Life and a broken laptop have kept me from blogging much lately. One night this week I'll drop the megabomb super plus ultra post. Stay tuned for...
  • Ride report: the 96 degree death pre-ride of the midnight century course and the oasis on top of the hill
  • P2P free bike tune up at Perry St fair where the mobile shops rolled into action.
  • Jen's the 23 year-old German bike world tourist, in which John once again regrets his hedonistic 20's
  • Punk retrospective at Object Space and why it's important to check it out. Even if you don't care about punk/underground music.
  • This week's upcoming FBC ride: help Jeff get some sleep. Promise him you'll be there!
  • One of the big three has produced a bonified low-trail porter. Really.
  • Why you and every cyclist you know should mobilize for Jon Snyder's city council campaign


rory said...

i'm betting trek

Anonymous said...

When he said big 3 I was thinking GM, but Ford is probably in better shape to offer a low-trail porter.

FBC Spokane said...

I've not gotten many promises of attendance, but the promise of a promise is almost as good. I still may not sleep until Saturday anyway.