Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newish LBS: The Bike Hub

My mother-in-law lives out in the Valley, about 3 blocks from The Bike Hub. This is the new Trek dealer in the Valley. A guy named Chris is the owner -- he was formerly at Wheel Sport - East.

I rode out to my MIL's place yesterday after work and stopped by the Bike Hub. It looks like a bike shop -- a new one. Looks like he's just scraped the money together to get the place rented and filled with bikes. Not a lot of finish or frills. Looks to be pretty straight-forward line up of standard bikes. I didn't detect a single overwhelming direction by the stock that was on the floor, though judging by the pictures on the wall and some other clues, if I had to guess the main interest of the owner it would be downhill mountain biking.

Dig this wheel truer. It was sitting on a table in the middle of the floor. I kind of like it. And I kind of want it. For dudes like me that just built the occasional wheel, this would be a dandy stand. It's made by ELDI -- the same company that makes the world's standard pedal wrench. German. Stout stuff.

This amazingly wretched photo is supposed to show the old Shogun frame. This is basement lighting and good phone camera combo for you.

I've been sort of jones'ing for a fixed/single thing for a while. It's been a while since I rode a fixed gear on a regular basis and I think I'm going to get the old Shogun going as a fixed. Standard build: Nitto Noodles, 32mm Pasalas. Good for trails ya know!

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rory said...

i want to build a single speed/fixie, but i want to use jitensha's nitto flat bars. I also what to find a frame with a longer top tube, so i can use a shorter stem and not worry about toe clip overlap.