Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paris Roubaix is April 8th

Where will you be?

1. Will there be a TV/computer streaming the race where you are?

2. Will there be a pre-ride?

3. Will there be beer?

If you answer yes to those last 3 questions, please speak up! I'll be out of town, but here in spirit.



Btw: "Friends of the Bluff" is the org that is cleaning up the HD trails. Aside from their yanking out existing built trail infrastructure, I think they're doing good stuff. And I'm thankful for that. If you want to be involved search "Friends of the Bluff" on Facebook and be a friend. It would be a "good thing" to have a mountain biker or two fully-engaged with this group. Not it!


Anonymous said...

I nominate Ben Tobin. That'll clear things up.

Anonymous said...

I second that nomination.