Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mnt bkng

I want to be better at mountain biking.

Specifically: more efficient at climbing, more comfy with a bit of air, and more better at sitting longer on that thing.

So I'm going to ride my mountain bike more. I'm commuting on it for the next couple weeks and seeking out the dirt options.

The climbing thing is weird, because the bike wants me to sit and spin and I'm a stander and jammer. I can't believe how tired out I get sitting and spinning.

As for air. This is a slow process. I'm off the blood-thinners now, so I can practice a bit more guilt-free on the air front. And the little area behind the Japanese Garden at Manito Park provides a nice little practice spot that's close by.

Long hauls: I may need to put a Brooks or a plastic-Brooks replica on there. The WTB that's on there doesn't work for me.


Anonymous said...

That's a solid plan for climbing better...add a 6-pound seat to your bike.

Jonathan Eberly said...

I like this idea. I says SOS rides and dirt trail options. Dont forget the Northwest passage. Maybe we can set up an AM or evening Northwest ride weekly. I need to get better for the Wednesday Night MTN bike Races at Riverside.

Not said...

John, is that an older WTB Speed V with the 157mm width?
- Ventura

Anonymous said...

Downshift! It'll get easier!

Anonymous said...

When you acquire your new mtb skills please give me your old ones.

John Speare said...

Jon - early morning HD trail ride would be cool. I like 6:30 am on Weds mornings. 25th/HD.

Ventura: the saddle doesn't look that old. It's a Rocket V. I still have your tires! contact me and we can meet up.

Anon 1: i have removed my saddle bag that some anonymous local bike builder loaded up with a boulder.

Anon 2: downshift and spinning is the hard part. I just blow up AND go slow. But you're right. That's the deal.

Anon 3: you don't want them.

Anonymous said...

"Mnt bkng", I didn't know you spoke Welsh.

mechBgon said...

You have some decent reach on that bike, so you can get your arms and back into the action as needed. If you want to try a suggestion, simply lock out your granny ring and climb seated but with more torque.

Glen said...

I have an old bottle of torque sitting around that I never use anymore if you want to try it.

Jeff K said...

More red meat on the Weber grill = super climber