Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Messed up

This picture does not do a good job of showing just how jacked up this section of the trail has gotten over the last couple months.

It just takes one person to miss the line here and shank the trail. There is still a line, but it requires commitment and speed --  both of which are tricky to maintain on this section.

I may go fix this today or tomorrow. It's totally messing up my main route between the tracks and Polly Judd. The fix is not easy. Just under this layer of dirt are a bunch of cement slabs that appear to be too big to move.


Patrick Sullivan said...

I pushed my bike thru that section yesterday.

rory said...

yeah, but i bet that little section helped you forget about your other troubles.

bentography said...

Might need to make a rock garden in that zone.