Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A little help here?

I've been whining about that bit of blown out trail on the lower HD trails for a few months.

I connected with the folks that are cleaning, pruning, and generally taking ownership of the trails and asked them for help with that section.

To that end, I will be meeting the trail-fixing guru, Mike, this Saturday at 10 AM. We're meeting at the trail head up at High Drive and Bernard, where they did a similar fix last year. I'm thinking the plan is for him to show me the fix as an illustration of what we need to do to the gash down on 8th Ave.

Feel free to join us. In fact, please do.

I'll needing help in any case to do the actual work. And having other folks understand the general fix  would help in the design and implementation phase.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone think last weeks "clean up" of dead limbs, and pruning of trees is really necessary? I could be wrong, but it seems like over management. I can see if there is a downed tree on the trail, but other than that can't this ecosystem just manage itself?