Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Broken chain oatmeal

Broken chains happen. Generally: they happen when you're grinding up a hill and you pretty much always land on the delicate bits. Which makes broken chains both frustrating and painful.

Awesomely rad cyclists carry a chain tool. And I'm not just talking about me (though I am that too): Mr. Sprute is a card (and chain tool)-carrying member of the CWCCTA.

Note how pin is not pushed out all the way: this is critical to success. 
Today, I busted my chain about 200 yards from where I busted a chain last time. That was three years ago. So I'm ok with that. Seeing as how I don't maintain chains beyond oiling them and obsessively changing them as soon as they stretch. That's the benefit of running 8-speed on all my bikes: chains are cheap.

In other news, I'm quite happy with my 2nd breakfast  routine. First breakfast is two fried eggs and a piece of toast. At work, at about 9 AM, I have 2nd breakfast: oatmeal.

Note lightweight and reusable bag. It contains: one-minute oats, brown sugar, raisins,  and roasted-salted peanuts.  Kerr jar is mostly clean, from yesterday's second breakfast.

Make your coffee at the same time... given the water boiling thing.

Put mixture in jar. Pour  boiling water to the bottom of the threads.
Put the cap on and shake it up.
How great is that?
Super cheap too.


Stine said...

I, too, carry the tool. While I'm not a chainbreaker, this does increase my odds of good samaritanism AND how's that lady know how to do that?ism. And I'm all about pre-lunch...

Pat S said...

I was failing the "what is CWCCTA" challenge. Despite the many obvious clues, I was unable to put it all together at this late hour and was getting ready to either get extra creative or throw in the towel. Until I accidentally stumbled upon: the hover feature! Quite slick, Mr. Speare.

John Speare said...

Stine: of course you carry the tool. Also: oatmeal is second breakfast. Apple is pre-lunch.

Also forgot a key ingredient: salt. But you knew that too.

Pat: I'm so happy you found that and even happier you've acknowleged it's awesomeness. B/c it is rad.

Joe C. said...

Yum! Like the peanuts idea.