Monday, June 10, 2013

As it turns out...

That last post, titled, "Jungle Hill," was mis-titled. That trail wasn't Jungle Hill. We're not sure if that trail had a name, but it was a nice climb and it wasn't Jungle Hill. It pushed us out on Highway 20. So that's not ideal.

Anyway, I've heard of the Jungle Hill Trail before and I've skirted it a couple times on other rides through that neighborhood of Colville Nat'l Forest. So I've been wanting to check it out for a couple years.

The plan was to ride up Jungle Hill trail and loop it -- according to this excellent route.


The trail was a mess. What would've been a difficult climb in any condition was made super way worse by a ton of deadfall crossing the trail. We did the 4 mile climb/1300 foot elevation gain in about 2.5 hours.

The majority of work was climbing over monster piles of deadfall. We ended up getting up to the Kettle Crest Trail and decided to ride back down the way we came up.

Creek crossing. 

According to the folks at the National Forest office, trail cleaning is just getting started. Hopefully this will be cleared out in the next few weeks, because I think it would a pretty good two-day ride to come in at Boulder, ride the Kettle Crest and then come down Jungle Hill to Deadman Creek Road. Verily.

Deadfall injuries.

Time for an oil change.

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