Friday, September 6, 2013

Running mind games and other random stuff

Running is a total mind game for me right now. It's not physically that difficult to go and run a few miles, but mentally it's ridiculous. I need a break-through. I need to run more and farther and get through this crappy funk.

I want to try that beer in the picture above. It's like $25, so I'm hesitant. Some sours are too sweet/fruity for me. The Bruery is reputed as a solid brewery... and the description on their page is intriguing.

Glen did a small batch of bikes with unicrown forks. These are sweet forks. These photos are before the disc tabs went on them.

Praying mantis on my tent a week or so ago... giving thanks, no doubt. I'm wondering if that guy was attracted to the tent because of the similar color?

Liza is carrying her famous rhubarb pie here, but I like this photo for the color of the bike, which looks like goldenrod - one of my favorite colors). In real life, the color is yellow-er and less rich.

First day of 5th grade. Our buddy Theo started kindergarten.

Maddie and I made this bitchin' bundt cake a few weeks ago. It's chocolate zucchini with a triple-sec icing. It was my Grandma's recipe -- she had it at some high-zoot restaurant in D.C. back in the '70s and spent a year reverse-engineering the recipe. It's an excellent way to burn through some zucchini. At some point, I'll put it on my mostly-dead food blog.

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