Friday, February 14, 2014

Kogs is ready to roll

See yesterday's post for context. Volsen's Kogswell frame came on a good day. Glen was free last night. And I had time to go over to Elephant HQ. And I happen to have a six-pack of beer in the fridge and ready to roll. Glen transferred the components on my MB2 and to the new frame in record time. I fussed and did tire stuff and some light and rack fussery. But really, my main value is in helping fill Glen's mind with my endless chatter. He needs that.

Here it is. I ended up putting a normal post on it and tweaking the bar height a bit. It's super comfy, though I might bring the bars down a hair more to optimize for trail chicanery.

I think I'll keep this a while. Of course, I always think that during the honeymoon phase, but this is a hard bike to argue with: good angles, nice rackage, integrated lights/fenders, good fit. And really, the wheel size (559) just seals the deal for me. This really puts the nail in the coffin for the RB-1

There's a lot going on there. Click for big. 

Speaking of angles. On paper, I'm pretty sure this frame was supposed to have head and seat angles of 73/73. Glen measured last night at 72/74, which wasn't surprising to me at all. There's gobs of virtual ink online about how far off the mark these bikes were from the published specs.  But whatev's. I dig it.

 Glen has been tooling up the Elephant shop something fierce over the last few months. That convoluted picture shows a bit of his new Anvil jig. But I like the stand he made for it. Solid.

And this. That little box bolted to the side of the welder is a pulser. Glen is super psyched about it. As far as I can gather: it basically allows Glen to optimize the amperage for the type of weld and steel properties he's working with -- basically, the pulser makes welding quicker, cleaner, and more precise.

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