Thursday, September 25, 2014


 Who woulda thought? The commute from Cheney to Spokane can be enjoyable.

It takes a friend though.

Stine -- minding the signage.
Stine's commute home puts her on Gov't Way, so we chiseled out a commute that puts us on the super excellent descent down Assembly/Indian Canyon Drive. I can't remember the last time I descended that hill from the top. It's worth seeking out.

In other news --- I figured out the obvious as I sat at The Scoop the other day and stared at the Pugsley. The reason my rack often rubs is because the rear triangle is asymmetrical. Duh.

Pat and I plan on remedying this situation when we stiffen this cheapo rack up with a bit of triangulation and the addition of fixed mounting stays. Hells yeah!

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Anonymous said...

Commuting is the only thing I miss about working. Especially the after work commute when I was the fastest thing on the street doing 11MPH. Actually in many spots, doing 3 MPH put me at the front.

Heavy traffic was slow traffic and it made my commute much safer and more fun.