Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some pictures and updates

I'm riding home from EWU three times a week. I usually ride my pink Elephant. But about 25% of the time, I ride the Rory Lego Cross bike. 

The normally soul-sucking ride is made good this year. On Mondays and  most Weds, buddy Stine, rides home with me. Here's a picture of us hitting the FLT wall. Of course we had to turn around and go back to the road to get through it.  It's times like this that I really miss the old FLT.

But the FLT still shows excellent fall colors.

Glen is knee-deep in the stock NFE project. These are about half the fork blades.
Batch 1 is on track to ship in December. Batch 2 will likely go in early spring. 

I've had a handful of productive mornings up at the river.

And a lot of blessedly unproductive time.

I'll be getting a stock NFE. So this beauty is on the block. I think it's sold already. I don't like turning around Elephants that quickly -- I've only had this a couple years -- but I have sell this off to finance the parts for the disc NFE.

I often roll the Pugsley on the HD trails on the way to the S. Shop. This super sweet hunk of sculpture showed up there one day. 

Lovely Liza.


EvilElf said...

Bummer that they closed off this segment. The old trail was the best. Again, I really don't understand the need for an overpa$$ when I ride my bicycle over railroad tracks all over town, all over the country, etc.

Stine said...

wow, that fence is HIGH.