Thursday, January 29, 2015

Coming soon!

A flurry of posts...

not really.

But I have stuff (things -- material bits if you will) that I want to carry on about here. In no particular order:

- Pants. Been wearing them and been pondering them. These are the "bike" pants. Some Levi, some REI, some Surly. I got thoughts. And I'm going to put them here.

- NFE -- Elephant National Forest Explorer stock bike. the project. the bike. the glory! But first the bike. I want to carry on about this bike. Glen built me one. It's my third NFE for f's sake. And this one hits all the marks.

- Bikey plans for the year. This one is not like the others. And by "this" I mean line item, because it's not a thing, it's a plan. Whatever. Aside from some standard events (Orcas Hang, General Issue River Riding and Hangs, etc), I am putting most of my emotionally-laden planning eggs in the "gonna tour with Maddie this summer" basket. While pondering it mightily, I am trying desperately not to overthink it. If you've already guessed that I'm failing at that, you may be not surprised to be not wrong. Verily!

This awaits you. And much more! (not really, in fact, if anything, it will be much less).

Stand by!


Hobbes vs Boyle said...

Looking forward to reading those future posts, especially about the pants. I currently have two pairs that are on their way out...

Anonymous said...

Touring with your children is so much better than we ever imagined it would be. I'm doing a fifth with #3 son this year. Washington, DC to Pittsburgh.

In October I'm riding solo from Ocala, Fl. to Austin, TX where #3 son lives.

The point is that once you do a long distance tour, your probably hooked. As the song so aptly says, "Happiness is a warm gun"

John Speare said...

Hobbes: good. that'll keep me motivated.

midnight: sounds rad. I've done some touring and i dig it.. I've never done more than an overnighter with Maddie though. we'll do a two-dayer. evaluate, then maybe a weeker.